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Google mndkdo
Nov 5 18 Comments

Seeing LOTS of openings for Nike digital. Anyone who currently works there have thoughts? Is it like a small tech company there? Do people use Slack? Will new CEO shake things up?


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  • Nike RLavu
    Too many changes going on... I’d wait for things to settle before moving to Beaverton.
    Nov 8 3
    • Amazon 866285
      What kind of changes?
      Nov 8
    • Nike RLavu
      New CDIO (CTO), new CEO (coming from a from a tech company) onboarding, three (of 10) core VPs in Global Technology “left to pursue other opportunities” in the past couple weeks... and it feels like it’s just getting started.
      Nov 8
    • Nike / Eng Biwv61
      Your name makes this pretty funny 😂
      Nov 8
  • Airbnb / Mktg Jonny555
    Nobody in Nike digital uses blind. Nike is based in Oregon not SF or Seattle.
    Nov 5 4
    • Google mndkdo
      How do you know this?
      Nov 5
    • Nike / Eng coachk
      He doesn’t.
      Nov 6
    • Airbnb / Mktg Jonny555
      Stand by my statement 😂
      Nov 7
    • Lowe’s Vhma83
      It is in Oregon
      Nov 8
  • Sony / Other KwAz32
    A small tech company?🤔

    Do people use Slack😂
    Nov 5 1
    • Target / Eng

      Target Eng

      Asking the important questions!
      Nov 7
  • Nordstrom / IT mortsdron
    I just transferred from Nordstrom to Nike. Not small, use Slack
    Nov 7 2
    • Google mndkdo
      What's the vibe like? Can I DM?
      Nov 7
    • Nordstrom / IT mortsdron
      Nov 7
  • Nike / Eng softwareng
    Overall a chill place to work and I think it’s a great place to coast into retirement after a few years at a real tech company
    Nov 7 0
  • Nike SnowJon
    Are you really Rlavu?
    Nov 11 0
  • Nike bananapan
    Aren’t you the new CDIO?
    Nov 8 0
  • Nike FoOq55
    It's pretty laid back. No free meals, but pretty good perks otherwise. And yes, we use Slack lol
    Nov 7 0


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