No blind after 6PM

Apr 12 14 Comments

Thinking of doing this for 6 months. This applies to other social media as well, I mostly do blind or YouTube.

Will it help?


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  • Google take
    I have a different phone for social media accounts. I don't carry it around the whole day and its mostly in the drawer in the living room. I use it only once or twice a day. The only social media apps I have on my main phone is Facebook messenger and WhatsApp. I found this helpful.
    Apr 12 3
    • Barclays PLC FAANGHNTER
      Apr 12
    • BigCommerce / Other SsMX84
      I actually love this
      Apr 12
    • Microsoft UMbR31
      Bruh... You've shown me the path
      Apr 12
  • Unity Lvl1Crook
    Tell this to a blind person
    Apr 12 0
  • Amazon qazwsxedc1
    The only time I do social media is when I’m on the shitter. Or on the train but that is rare . What do you folks find so fascinating to spend more than a few mins on it everyday?
    Apr 12 5
    • Oscar 🐨koala
      To shit on other people. Or shit myself about my shitty tc.
      Apr 12
    • GoDaddy / Eng gooddaddy
      Some of the threads can be pretty interesting/informative/entertaining.

      Plus I'm in the middle of a job search and I've found blind to be a great source of information.
      Apr 12
    • Amazon qazwsxedc1
      Godaddy even then . How do you find so much time to be on social media
      Apr 13
    • GoDaddy / Eng gooddaddy
      Assuming you work regular hours, and don't have extra responsibilities (young children, side business, etc) I think everyone has at least 4 hours free every day. I'm not sure why you're surprised about people finding time to be on social media. Are you just as surprised when you hear of people binge watching Netflix and completing an entire series in a few days?

      Tbh, I'm not very much into social media. I only started using Blind heavily a couple of months ago when I was beginning my job search. I'll probably give it up once I'm done.
      Apr 13
    • Amazon qazwsxedc1
      Yes I’m equally surprised by people binge watching Netflix . Probably super old fashioned . I get bored very quickly
      Apr 14
  • Bloomberg agileeeeee
    dude you're king of shitposting.
    Apr 12 0
  • Intel Who.Dis
    Realistically, pick up a hobby. When you are doing what you enjoy, you won’t care to Blind or YouTube your way through boredom.

    I’ll help you brainstorm a few ideas if you are lost but wanting to search
    Apr 12 0
  • Barclays PLC finra
    OP, by 6pm you've probably been home for a few hours what do you do during that time?
    Apr 12 0