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I have orientation in a couple of weeks and have a few questions around performance.

How are expectations like CME or EE determined / measured? Do you set KPI's? How do you determine / set them? How do you show you're ready for a higher level?

L4 / 240 / 3 yoe


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    Depends on the manager in terms of whether there will be individual okrs. There are team okrs.
    With regards to performance evaluation, see what the swe ladder says about the next level.
    If you demonstrate all attributes of the current level and none of the next level you get a meets

    If you demonstrate all of current level and some of next, it's exceeds

    If you demonstrate all of current plus most of next, it's see

    If you demonstrate all of current and all of next, it's superb

    That's a very general guideline. Exceptions are always there. Also depends on the org and other things.
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    • Knock Inc djeehd322
      Thank you, this is very helpful!
      Aug 20
  • Google googleyn
    Each level/ladder have expectations documented, so you will be measured against those and will get rating. So for example if you are meeting expectations for L5 then you will get SEE as L4.
    Also, L4 with 3 YOE is really great given that at this YOE Google generally pushes for L3.
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    • Knock Inc djeehd322
      Thank you! What does SEE stand for?
      Aug 20
    • Google googleyn
      Strongly exceeds expectations
      Aug 20
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  • Apptio cloudwind
    You will be fine. The ramp time is 6 months. So you will get a CME most likely.
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