OCI offer from Seattle. Can I switch to Bellevue?

Amazon alsvdoh
Jun 21 10 Comments

Got the offer from a team in Seattle. Can I switch to a team in Bellevue?
Are the offers in OCI team-based?

The reason is simply the commute (1 hour vs. 7 minutes)


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  • Amazon xhhj
    OCI still exists?!!! 😆
    Jun 21 3
    • Amazon alsvdoh
      I know, it's a huge downgrade from Amazon :(
      Read my other post.
      Jun 21
    • Microsoft dnhe67gh
      OP, what's your other post, I have an offer in hand with OCI, would love to know more.
      Jun 21
    • Microsoft ?)6;./68,/
      Stay away from OCI if you're on visa
      Jun 21
  • Facebook mrg
    Bellevue office are the late joiners to OCI (formerly Classic). You probably want to be in the Seattle offices...
    Jun 21 2
    • Amazon alsvdoh
      What do you mean by late joiners?
      Why would I want to prefer a 1 hour commute over 7 minutes?
      Jun 21
    • Facebook mrg
      The core OCI teams, hired by OCI people, are in Seattle. The Bellevue offices were reorg’d in much later. It’s a very different culture.
      Jun 21
  • Facebook dsAc72
    Don’t catastrophize it. If you’re 7 minutes from downtown Bellevue you’re not an hour from downtown Seattle unless you drive on a bad day at peak traffic.
    Jun 21 1
    • Amazon alsvdoh
      3 days ago I was at a place close to OCI's office in Seattle. It took me 1 hour to get home. The traffic was just like any other day.
      Jun 21
  • Amazon ratatoulli
    Can you plz share offer level and TC? How many years at Amazon?
    Jun 21 0


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