Offer rescinded based on inaccurate background check information

Magic Leap sunday3
Nov 15 9 Comments

I can only imagine the stress this person must have experienced, after relocating from the east coast to find out the offer was rescinded without any recourse.

obs.: that person is not me.
I don't care which company it is, but this should not go unnoticed.


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  • Magic Leap pulsemory
    We have the worst HR I've ever seen. I won't even walk past them.
    Nov 15 2
    • Magic Leap sunday3
      I think most people are just following orders. It comes from the top..
      Nov 15
    • Travelport / Eng buttnpushr
      Nuremberg defense. Nice
      Nov 15
  • American Express gandalf$$
    Ouch. Low balled by magic leap to boot. Only shady companies would use Baan tech, no offense to Magic Leap. Dude was right to sue, too bad lawyers will milk him dry.
    Nov 15 0
  • New Elpx23
    That’s crazy! Poor guy! Could’ve been a mistaken identity on his part.

    Magic Leap probably got spooked about the (inaccurate) info of him having a loan in China and got worried that he’ll “steal” IP and would rather just not take the risk. They probably didn’t care if it was inaccurate or not, and would rather not deal with it.
    Nov 15 1
    • American Express gandalf$$
      I makeee new internet innn China an call it piee paiiiiper
      Nov 15
  • Microsoft GTFO++;
    Nov 15 0
  • Northrop Grumman Tacoabout
    Nov 15 0
  • Oracle lububruah
    Oh man this so crazy
    Nov 15 0


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