Office culture at Okta?

New UugW56
Jun 22 7 Comments

I got a job offer at Okta, but want to know peoples real thoughts on culture there? Didn’t really get to ask about this at interview (and what recruiter says is sometimes diff from reality)... from the interview panel, I got the vibe that everyone is nice and super smart but pretty intense. Any insights? I would be working within the sales org (not an AE)

For context, my other offer is at a fun, mobile app company, so want to make sure I’m not giving up a super fun culture for a super corporate one.


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  • At HQ?

    I love it. Most groups are open with little tolerance for posturing or bullshitting. Do good work, ask for help when you need, give help when asked and you'll be in good shape.
    Jun 22 0
  • Okta's sales/GTM team is top notch. Just look at the stock. So you're right they are intense, but they are a very patient and friendly bhnch. The culture is inclusive and endearing. It's perpetuated from how awesome our co-founders are. Its also hard to speak for each of the teams and obviously it's not all sunshine. There are growing pains with how fast we are growing. But Okta's culture is one of the best I've been in
    Jun 23 0
  • Okta gDYy75
    It's fun + social. You can have a big impact (aka wear multiple hats) and get involved in a variety of things. Me personally like how Okta is passionate on improving communities and the lives of those in need and fosters teamwork. Recently joining Okta from a "very well known" tech co -- having a fun environment doesn't always equate to happy employees.
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  • Okta nope!!
    Love it.
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  • Okta / Other wep31l
    Which office are you in? I am a remote but work with people at multiple offices daily. I have also been to SF (old and new) and SJ office. I know a few from sales team as they onboarded the same week. I also have interacted with at oktane (conference) and annual sales kickoff. Company is continuing to grow every single week. As somebody else said, look at stock price, this tells you want the analysts and investors think.
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  • Okta iamdev
    Any team other than professional Services (Scale Services) is good
    Jun 22 0
  • Nutanix / Eng syjdtub
    I heard great things about Okta.
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