One final Hangout interview - Salesforce

SAP gluiogs
Sep 7 13 Comments

Done with onsite. Matched with different team, I have one last final round with LMTS. Should I expect a coding question or system design ?


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  • Salesforce hususuh
    Completely depends on the person, your level and what hiring manager has asked for
    Sep 7 0
  • IBM jlVl85
    How was your interview?
    Sep 9 3
  • Microsoft / Eng oieeeee
    Offer details?
    Oct 3 4
    • SAP killer@
      Level : MTS
      Base : 150k
      Stocks : 75k/4yrs
      Annual : 10%
      Sign on : 0
      TC : 184k
      Location : SF
      Oct 4
    • SAP killer@
      Lowballed since I have only 1.5 yoe
      Oct 4
    • Microsoft / Eng oieeeee
      Did you negotiate? Or accept the offer?
      Oct 4
    • SAP killer@
      Initially they offered 140 base and 50k stocks, negotiated a little but they were not going beyond that. Finally accepted
      Oct 4
  • IBM jlVl85
    I had one last interview called Core Call, which is mostly behavioral
    Sep 8 2
    • SAP gluiogs
      I think that happens with the director if I am not wrong. I am yet to get an offer.
      Sep 8
    • IBM jlVl85
      Yes, it was with the director and I got an offer next day
      Sep 8


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