Opinion on online mortgage companies?

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Jun 23 3 Comments

Considering Rocket, SoFi, or other but our realtor is pushing for a traditional mortgage co. Anyone have any thoughts, best practices, etc.?


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  • Netflix Jskfbzkan
    I talked to rocket and traditional banks and got a better rate with traditional bank. Their incentive was to establish a relationship and manage other money. Mortgage was immediately sold off to 3rd party
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  • New / Other

    New Other

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    Many are just originators (like many banks).

    Realtors tend to like banks because there is often a specific person to talk to when (if) isht starts going sideways.

    I’ve used both. I prefer bankers if you will do this with some frequency. Otherwise it’s a coin toss.
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  • Valassis / Eng

    Valassis Eng

    Used Rocket for my last refi. Super easy to work with. No complaints. I think I got a bunch of quotes through nerd wallet and they were the most responsive and able to move fast.
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