Palantir Interview Structure

New SomK44
Mar 17 3 Comments

Preparing for a new grad SWE onsite at Palantir. Was wondering about the interview structure

I’ve heard about the typical 3 interviews/demo. But very little about the post lunch interview(s). What is the purpose of the post-lunch interview?


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  • FactSet


    Bridgewater Associates
    If you do well in your first 3, you meet the hiring manager and director (afaik) for behavioral and personality/culture fit interviews.
    Mar 17 0
  • Microsoft / Eng cholical
    Did palantir new grad interviww about 4 months ago.

    1. Company introduction in a small group. Make sure to ask questions and express interest

    2. 3 technical/behavioral interviews. 1 LC hard, 1 system design, 1 debugging in Java. Make sure you know Java because they didn't give any other options on dubugging.

    3. Lunch/product demo while waiting for next steps. If you did well, you'll get called out to meet with managers.
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    • Amazon kebab
      Who the hell are the managers ? I got an engineer for the 4th one cause I got asked a technical question.
      Jul 15


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