Parental Leave of Absence

Chase elephant88
Feb 28 14 Comments


“So if I can summarize am I correct in saying that the review process does not take into account that I will have less time to complete objectives and also have a loss of momentum due to the (six week) parental leave of absence?”

HR representative:


Me to blind: What?! this is not how it was when I used to work at tech companies... is this typical at banks??


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  • Chase FloridaMan
    Hahaha banks are not tech companies. Go ahead and take parental leave, it doesn't matter. The space shuttle launch will go ahead without you.
    Mar 1 0
  • Goldman Sachs NYLif
    They certainly took it into account here. I got top reviews both times I took parents leave, and didn't really scramble either.
    Mar 1 1
    • Bloomberg iVX372
      Are you an HR rep or your boss's best friend? This sounds like BS, based on what I've heard and read about working at Goldman
      Mar 1
  • Chase Mom22Many
    HR does not represent employees. They are there to protect the company. The ranking system has more to do about politics and popularity. Leave may be a factor, but it may not. Deoends on the team.
    Mar 1 0
  • Also I never once talked to my HR rep. It was all handled by my manager. You've obviously got time planning with your leadership and setting realistic expectations for deliverables. Take the time off. You will never get it back and it passes too fast.
    Mar 1 0
  • Chase elephant88
    Any suggestions as to whom to approach? My HR rep’s boss?
    Mar 1 2
    • Chase H7Gj56
      I’d go to your manager, try to get that person to help find an MD (if your manager isn’t one) who has some influence to help. It sounds like a stupid policy (if it actually is one)
      Mar 1
    • Call the HR hotline and ask them. I would say you feel what you’re being told would constitute discrimination based on family leave and familial status, and see if there is anyone who can help you. Chase must have an employee relations function, right? That team should be able to clarify with the business and the HR function how leave should be handled.
      Mar 5
  • New EMVH32
    This is typical everywhere now. Especially in tech. After they manage you out of the company you might have some compassion for your partner when your partner isn’t available for family time.
    Mar 12 0
  • Chase elephant88
    Thank you everyone for the feedback and advice!
    Mar 1 0
  • As someone who took 12 weeks off last year (2 at the beginning and the remaining 10 when wife went back to work), it did not affect my review at all. I documented all successes and milestones both before and after leave. In total, I worked 7.5 months last year and got the same bonus and better raise than the year before.
    Mar 1 0
  • Chase H7Gj56
    I think this is a fair question to ask and raise beyond your HR rep. I generally find that if you can find the right sponsor, the desire to change is real at Chase.
    Mar 1 0
  • LinkedIn 黃帝
    😂 you think all companies are like tech?
    Mar 1 0
  • Microsoft X9pl12
    Banks aren’t tech companies no matter what they’d like to think and their culture is different.
    Feb 28 0