Parents of little kids - how do you deal with kids runny nose, ear infections when it is so common in the winter?

Amazon duerme
Mar 28 12 Comments

Do you take sick days off? How many typically? How do you manage busy work with kid's bad health in winter season? This is primarily for parents of little kids going to daycare.


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  • Wells Fargo hsLy13
    Little Remedies: Saline drops (morning, evening and night)
    Vicks vaporub - forehead, nose, chest and feet covered with socks during night

    These 2 helped a lot for our daughter who goes to day care.

    Humidifier in the bedroom is also recommended by friends but we never used

    P.s: Indian parent here
    Mar 28 2
    • Amadeus Trick2g
      How do you afford to have a kid on well Fargo tc? Genuinely curious.
      Mar 28
    • Amazon duerme
      Thanks for the tips
      Mar 28
  • PayPal rooki
    Can u please answer how do u manage work with small kids . I have to be off every week as with my 2 kids everyone is sick one or the other . My husband travels and it is just not sustainable to work n look for kids . Specially with Bay Area company culture in engineering so hard for moms . It’s definitely demotivating
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    • Wells Fargo hsLy13
      We were working from home alternatively. We had parents and in-laws that comes occasionally during first 18 months.
      See if you can bring either your parents or in-laws for few months.
      Mar 28
  • Oracle iOFR21
    Stay in a bubble
    Mar 28 0
  • Intel phdsbn
    Second and third year are much better - their immune systems strengthen and its mostly the same kids each year.
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  • Microsoft iiieeegemm
    Nose Frida
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  • Acxiom RickErwin
    Some kids just get more ear infections than others, please check with pediatrician. I know a few of my cousin kids who got tubes... Since then they are fine.

    It's just their immunity. Normal.

    See if you can find a Nanny instead of a day care, until the kids are little older. Just to prevent catch up if the germs
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  • S&P Global M0use
    Work from home when kids are sick. I also have backup care from Bright Horizons. For ear infections try garlic mullein oil ear drops. Also eating raw garlic with honey. Those 2 work like magic and practically no sick days this winter.
    Mar 28 0
  • Guardian Analytics

    Guardian Analytics

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    Figure out why kids are getting sick. Putting on socks and a hoodie all the time helped my kid. Also, washing hands before eating/after playtime helps. For common cold, saline drops/nose frida is a life saver.
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  • Wells Fargo hsLy13
    @Trick2g yeah that sucks i know :)
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