Pixel 3A is such a great budget phone



May 10 16 Comments

that makes it really tempting for iPhone user to switch, especially for old people like me who use older models and don’t want to spend $1000+ on all the unnecessary features and power of an iPhone X.

A simple smart phone with good camera and integrated unlimited photo storage is enough, which Pixel 3A offers, we don’t want anything fancier than that.

Things I’ll miss though are Apple Watch and Airdrop.

Edit: Apple, if you are listening, give us something cheaper than XR.



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  • Uber himu00
    The problem I have with android has never really been their hardware. It’s their shitty UI. They invested a ton their smart assistant but it honestly seems more gimmicky than practical to me.
    May 10 5
    • Nutanix ridji
      I've been using Android phones for a long time, mostly bugdet phones, but man I hated some UIs, on some phones like Samsung, it was so cartoonish and cluttered with useless default apps that I had to scroll several times through the menu to find the app I need. I find stock android fine though.
      May 10
    • Amazon Redux
      Also the fact that an iOS version of most apps are generally better.

      iOS users spend more money in the app store, so the apps tend to be better on iOS.
      May 10
    • Facebook / Eng lkj630
      Google's ui for the pixel phones is pretty good. Agree Samsung was horrible - I actually switched to iOS after my last Samsung phone (although came back to Android for the pixel).
      May 10
    • Palo Alto Networks !💥
      But the UI is whatever you want it to be. Microsoft, Nova, OneUI, pixel launcher, etc are all good.
      May 10
    • Nutanix ridi
      Of course, I tend to stick with Nova launcher, but still, take Samsung for example, ton of shitty redundant apps, poorly organised settings etc. Launcher is not everything.
      May 10
  • Microsoft Trillion🧢
    No apple logo on it, essentially no trillion dollar market cap stamp of approval, its trash
    May 10 0
  • Google AI Snot
    For your needs, the 3A will be great. Especially the camera that beats $1K+ phones and 3 years of updates that will make the phone better, not slow it down
    May 10 2
    • Google / Eng 5cvb87
      That thousand dollar iPhone X will get updates for 5+ years and ends up being cheaper. The original iPhone X is probably still faster than the 3A as well.

      The 3A is a great phone though, and the return of the headphone jack is awesome.
      May 10
    • Google AI Snot
      I’d rather buy 3A and replace in 3 years than buy an X for 3X and keep it for 5? Also speed is not a killer feature for a lot of folks - it being relative - as in you notice slow speeds. Also the fact that the 3A camera beats X for low light photos is incredible
      May 10
  • Apple lfre
    The pixel is extremely underrated. The camera is amazing.
    May 10 1
    • ICU Medical / Mktg

      ICU Medical Mktg

      Trying my own thing but doing something for someone else. 🤷🏼‍♂️
      No I've heard from multiple sources it's one of the best camera phones out there. Still might suck when posting for Instagram. Apple has an agreement with Instagram that iPhone photos always look better. #facts
      May 10
  • Microsoft / Product

    Microsoft Product

    Bain & Company
    It's Nexus, The return. Finally.
    May 10 1
    • Amazon SysRq
      Nexus or nothing!
      May 10
  • Vistaprint Uwdx87
    Jewelery vs functionality..
    May 12 0
  • eBay tc chaser
    Who is the vendor making this phone? I hope it isn’t LG.
    May 10 0