Planning to retire in Google after I hit 55 ToKL28
Feb 6 7 Comments

The job in Google is retirement.
What's the maxim level I can get to, where doing actual work is not necessary?


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  • New / Eng mowgli⌨️
    Level of imagination, my friend.
    Feb 6 1
    • ToKL28
      If I can imagine it, I can get there. Plenty of time
      Feb 6
  • Amazon eSeb17
    You need 20x your annual spend saved.
    Feb 6 4
    • ToKL28
      Feb 6
    • Dell LUHV04
      You need 20 times your annual spend to be saved for retirement ?
      Also does age factor in - like if I retire at 45 , do I need more saved ?
      Feb 6
    • Google xdSq16
      Does the 20x include retirement accounts like 401k, roth IRA?
      Feb 6
    • Redfin / Eng

      Redfin Eng

      Flipboard, Amazon
      It's a little more complicated than this. 20x assumes you'll be withdrawing from your nest egg at a rate of 5% a year; it's hard to guarantee that kind of growth.

      401k can possibly mitigate this assuming you can ride your nest egg until 59.5 or whatever that age is.
      Feb 6