Plural sight vs coursera vs Udacity vs ? For software engineering

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I just started getting into Javascript , HTML & CSS . I want to be very good @ programming and pursue a career.
Background Industrial engg worked at automotive & manufacturing . After getting laid off 9+ years recently , I joined a small firm and made a basic website but want to be good at all tools ..

Blind community please give me some insight . I’m planning on paying pluralsight , I have used coursera but slowly losing interest ( may be just me !?) also thinking about online masters
If anyone has gone through similar process , I would be very appreciative . I eventually want to join Google ,Tesla , FB or similar companies that I can grown and utilize skills
PS: I don’t mind just programming all day and all night!


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  • Facebook —()56!?(
    Freecode camp not a bad resource for getting started
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  • Tesla safix
    If you are just starting career - coursera. Later if you want to improve specific area - udemy.
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  • Oracle abrakazam
    It's hard to stay energized in any subject all the time once learning is no longer passive, self study or not. Class is work even if you're doing it for fun. A masters will be easier to stick to since you'll feel much more obligated to attend. Any human supervised classes you paid a non-negligible amount for will do though, you don't have to go far as a masters if you don't want to. But what you're feeling now is typical of MOOCs. They have very low completion rates since people don't have any stake in finishing
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    • New $♾
      Thank you!
      Feb 3
  • New


    Try western governors university or
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  • Asurion doormat_
    Leetcode and FAANG
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