Poll: Do you live with anxiety?

Primer AI Darkcold
Jan 6 7 Comments

Panic attacks and anxiety are common mental disorders for people under immense stress. Share your experience.



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TOP 7 Comments
  • Medtronic / Eng SnakeDr
    Wow, nearly 80%...seems like most of you are in the wrong field.
    Jan 6 4
    • SAP Sfhf75
      Perhaps people with no anxiety doesn’t click into a post like this
      Jan 6
    • Medtronic / Eng SnakeDr
      I’m here, just curious I guess
      Jan 6
    • Salesforce MorningLad
      I don't think it has anything to do with the field. That's just how modern life is. Society tells stories, most of it lies, and we buy into it. They tell us who we are (as if they know) and what will make us happy. It is very compelling and it is reinforced every time we shop, dine out, hang out with friends, watch TV, use Blind, etc.

      Society has a plan for us based on very general parameters such as gender, income, color of our skin, etc. It lumps us into a demographic with a million other people and robs us of our individuality, and uniqueness.

      I could go on. Bottom line is, we are chasing the wrong things, because society has told us it will bring us happiness, but it won't.
      Jan 6
    • Medtronic / Eng SnakeDr
      My lack of anxiety comes from me doing what I want to do most of the time. I don’t worry about what other think about me, and most of the time my behavior is rewarded with respect or at least understanding by those around me...that said generally what I want to do is not a self destructive or similar act...I do realize that many things just have to be done in our society, but these I try not to make a big deal out of and just get them done.
      Jan 6
  • Okta nfc
    Remember: Some people have Imposter Sydrome because they really ARE imposters.
    Jan 6 0
  • Primer AI Darkcold
    For those who have anxiety, I would recommend this book: how to relax. It’s by thich nhat hanh. Also try out meditation to be more mindful of your breathing patterns. Your breath is everything in life.
    Jan 7 0

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