Potential Google #Offer - fair, above or below average?

Microsoft KRxz85
Jun 3 10 Comments

Accounting Manager role in Mountain View/Sunnyvale, CA - 6 years experience.
Recruiter looking to influence my compensation ask prior to offer committee reviewing, gave me the below:
base range of 108k - 115k
80K equity
15% bonus
“Potential” sign on bonus and definite relocation package.
Is this fair, below or above average?


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  • Amgen Fin4eng
    145k/yr for accounting mgr is solid. Compare to big 4s and regional firms and is probably ~15-20k higher than they would pay.

    Always ask for more but looks reasonable. Do you have a CPA?
    Jun 3 2
    • VMware / R&D lawl
      You only make $120k tc with 6 yoe at a Big 4 in the Bay??
      Jun 3
    • Amgen Fin4eng
      6 yoe is 2nd year manager. Depending on line of business and firm it’s in the $120-130k neighborhood. SF has a bump I believe.

      OP can go to goingconcern.com and look at past salary results and filter to Bay Area
      Jun 3
  • Osmo CPvv05
    Jun 3 2
    • Microsoft KRxz85
      Sunnyvale, CA
      Jun 3
    • Osmo CPvv05
      Go for 10-15% more.
      Jun 4
  • McKinsey Exitseeker
    What level?
    Jun 3 1
    • Microsoft KRxz85
      I have just been told that this is an “experienced 5+ years” hire level. Is specific level something I can ask?
      Jun 3
  • Uber Olemfyia
    People manager or individual contributor?Below average if it’s people manager role. Generally you can get 10-15% more unless you’re applying as a senior accountant in which case there putting you at the bottom of the compensation range.
    Jun 14 0
  • Amazon 10022004
    Accounting Manager? As in you manage a team of Accountants or an accounting group? This seems ridiculously low for a manage at a company like Google in the Bay Area.
    Jun 7 0


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