Production eng@Fb vs SRE@Linkedin

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Sep 18 8 Comments

I'm in SRE at LI currently, but considering if I should go check FB. Is it proper engineering function, or just renamed sys admin? How is wlb in PE? There are many complaints about wlb for swe, but i wonder if PE is as bad. And if it is, is it because of workload or oncall.
Is PE comped the same as SWE at FB. At Li it is.

Anyone worked at those two places and can offer direct comparison?

TC 300k


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  • LinkedIn / Eng x5fhr
    I'm sr. Work is mostly ok, but not really feeling that I grow in any way, and lack of consistent refreshers mean that when I have a steep cliff coming in a bit over a year.. Wlb for meets would be ok, but to have chance for exceeds and promo I need to pull about 55-60 hours. But that varies heavily between different teams.
    Sep 21 2
    • Apple / Eng dumbhhh
      So which team is good in this sense ?
      Sep 21
    • LinkedIn / Eng x5fhr
      Generally product SRE is the most even from what I hear. There are also some chill teams in infra group.
      Sep 23
  • Amazon git clone
    TC or GTFO
    Sep 18 2
  • New Bzxm22
    How is SRE at LinkedIn? What level are you?
    Sep 21 0
  • Apple / Eng blrgf
    How is your wlb ? Work quality ?
    Sep 19 0


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