Project Cancellations @ Amazon?

Microsoft The Dude😎
May 8 9 Comments

What happens if the project you’re working on gets cancelled, but you’re meeting or exceeding expectations?

Asking from the perspective of an SDM.


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  • Amazon n0v
    When a project gets cancelled there's a weird limbo state for a month or so. Good SDMs figure out other work. Good SDEs GTFO. The leftovers get laid off.
    May 82
    • Nice. This is good advice.
      May 8
    • Microsoft The Dude😎
      Sounds similar to MS - you have six weeks to find an internal job and pass the interview, else you’re laid off.

      It is difficult to move around as an EM at Microsoft. Few openings and often on very different orgs/products.
      May 8
  • Microsoft UseDeFeet
    New project
    May 80
  • Are you implying, you may be fired because of this?
    May 82
    • I’m assuming you’ll be sucked into different projects because amazon is always hiring
      May 8
    • I agree. ☝🏼
      May 8
  • SDM? I’m a noob.
    May 81
    • BluVector sparked
      Software Development Manager
      May 8

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