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Microsoft iuYF20
Oct 22 13 Comments

1- Which companies are considered competitors to Msft- for leaving on same day.

2- If i get walked out on the same day, will i get the pay for 45 days+ unused vacation cashout?

3- If my stock vest date is jan 1st and I get walked out on Dec 1st, will I get the stock?

4- If I am not paid for the 45 days, am I under any obligation for not joining other company during that time.

**Questions are centred with Microsoft IDC which has 45 days notice period in mind but others are also welcome to weigh in

Current TC - 32L
Yoe -2.5
- Amazon 40L (27 base)
- Rippling 45L( 40 base )
- Goldmansachs 43L ( 32 base)
- Salesforce 35L (25 base)
- Quadeye ~ 45L (35 base)

Not mentioning exact breakdown as it is identifying.
Willing to share interview experience of the above companies. Currently interviewing with Google and Uber.


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  • Microsoft ooga
    Congratulations on the offer.
    Only if the team you are joining is close to what you are working on, then yes same day they will relive you. Like Outlook and gmail.
    Even if they relive you on same day, its HR decision to keep you on notice period for 45days and pay you the salary or not.
    Stocks will only vest if you are an employee on the day of vesting.
    Oct 22 4
    • Microsoft iuYF20
      We are not expected to show proof of next employer right. We can always tells it's google?
      Oct 22
    • Microsoft ooga
      Yes, no need to show the proof.
      But depends on how confident you are when saying.
      Oct 22
    • Microsoft iuYF20
      Sorry I don't understand completely what you mean by that.
      Aren't we supposed to fill some forms in AskHR?
      Oct 22
    • Microsoft ooga
      You can tell your manager that you are doing to a competitor. You dont need to fill any info about that anywhere. You can choose not to.
      Oct 22
  • Google The Old Nite
    Based on my research when leaving Microsoft Redmond

    1. Companies which hire a lot of people from Microsoft. All the big names even if the business is unrelated. Finally, it's HR's discretion though.
    2. Yes
    3. Depends how they process your exit. Fill out your last day as Jan 15 and hope it sticks.
    4. No, you are free to join
    Oct 22 2
    • Microsoft iuYF20
      I like to believe Google, Amazon will definitely be on the list. Good to know that 2 is true.
      If you don't mind could you happen to know, how they would process year end bonus w.r.t leaving date. Is it same as the stock vest( Jan 15th).
      Oct 22
    • Google The Old Nite
      In Redmond, the year for bonus purposes runs from Jul1 to Jun30 with the bonus being payed out on September 15th. I left in July and still got the bonus check in mail in September.
      Oct 22
  • Oracle efghikj
    What title is Goldman Sachs offering you?
    Oct 22 1
    • Microsoft iuYF20
      Oct 22
  • Microsoft mhfhhdjs
    Did you try to negotiate . Amazon offer looks on the lower end of SDE2
    Oct 23 0
  • Oracle lkjidf
    Are you college graduate who directly joined Microsoft ? L61 or L62 ? How are stock refreshers ?
    Oct 23 0
  • Microsoft Ovenmitts
    Yea your last day needs to be after the vest date in order to get it
    Oct 22 0


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