Rate my Google TPM offer

Google mewgler9
Jul 15 10 Comments

Yoe 20
Amazon L7
Google L5 165/60/270

This was with competing offers from FB and Uber


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  • Amazon / Eng L6SDE
    L5 at google is way below L7 at Amazon. And L7 TPMs here usually have really interesting and large projects.
    Jul 15 0
  • F5 Networks RRA
    Everything about this seems way off. OP, all your levels seem too high for such low TC. What's the deal?
    Jul 16 0
  • Oracle alwzangry
    As usual, I hear someone gets ripped off on the level! Sorry, friend.
    Jul 15 0
  • Microsoft / Mgmt Dunph
    Jul 15 0
  • Google topCon
    This is fishy.

    L7 at Amazon should be around 400 or more.

    What was your previous TC at Amazon and Microsoft?
    Jul 16 0
  • Uber gfgg
    I call bs

    If you are Amazon L7 you should already make way more than this
    Jul 15 0
  • Facebook tantan85
    Jul 15 0
  • Indeed / Eng

    Indeed Eng

    HomeAway, Expedia Group, Rackspace, Amazon, Microsoft, ThoughtWorks, Oracle
    This is a TPM role so it looks kinda ok.
    Jul 16 0
  • Facebook winners
    Wtf so fb and Uber gave u similar offers? What was the breakdown of fb and Uber?
    Jul 16 0
  • Uber uBlame
    Seems quite low if truly TPM and previously L66 at MS, doesn't it?
    Jul 15 0


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