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software engineer with 10 yoe. Don't have any exposure on system design. Only coding in my current company. preparing leetcode from past 3 months and able to solve medium in 20 to 25 mns. I still continue with my leetcode preparation until I'm confident on hard questions as well. I'm targeting for google L5 position and similar roles in faang. I'm mainly concerned about system designing. understanding of grokking system design won't be sufficient. how can I gain real system design experience on side projects on my own. Pls don't tell me that try in my current project. Because of some personal reasons it didn't workout. If I want to gain system design experience for L5 role, what suggestions do you provide other than grokking system design ?

TC: 150k (East Cost Area - cheap COL )


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  • Amazon SDE3Hire
    Real system design, make a project that uses atleast 2-3 cloud platform products together.

    The truth, however, is that interview don't test for real system design - they test for breaking down a problem, identifying parts, and having a scalable design that won't have opperational pain.
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    • Oracle My Name
      Thanks for the input
      Aug 17
    • Amazon SDE3Hire
      Do you work on a system with compents, dependencies, upstream systems? Can you explain how that system works? Could you talk about changes that would be improvements, etc. Many people don't get to build systems from scratch but learn from their experience.
      Aug 17
  • Amazon LlFO08
    Design your life and see.
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  • Neurocrine 🐀 race
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