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Qualcomm / Eng qcommaster
Nov 2 13 Comments

Can someone post/explain the other side of tech job application websites like Taleo, Workday, Lever? To get an idea what fields are more prominent, so I can focus on those. And any other info, such as how applicants are shown. (list, hidden, does recruiters have to search keywords?, keywords from resume?, or keywords from fields of the job application?)


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  • Amazon 🍌nutmufnz
    I use iCIMS

    Honestly I like to search for keywords within search strings. Could be languages, hardware, previous employers, schools, organizations, etc.

    I then review resumes against my basic qualifications and similar experiences and decide whether or not to reach out. I like to sort my candidates based on activity and usually try to reach out to people who have been active between 31-90 days as they are most likely to respond. I dont mess with 0-30 because it usually means the candidate is working woth or is owned by another recruiter.

    I use all keywords from your resume and obviously depends on the role.
    Nov 2 10
    • Amazon 🍌nutmufnz
      Also for those curious - I dont use an ATS to automatically screen resumes.
      Nov 3
    • A resume is so short (e.g. one page for 12 yoe)... the descriptions and the search strings shouldn’t be that different... if only certain schools are considered why not put that on the description?
      Nov 3
    • Amazon 🍌nutmufnz
      Certain schools aren't considered BUT their may be preferred schools. Could based on location or degree plan. I.e. a degree in CS holds more weight from MIT over University of Phoenix.
      Nov 3
    • Qualcomm / Eng qcommaster
      "keywords within search strings". does this search for keywords in the resume , or keywords from the textboxes that you fill in as an applicant on the website? (i.e. does it matter if i fill in my job description in the textbox in the actual website? - i never fill those out)
      Nov 4
    • Amazon 🍌nutmufnz
      All from the resume. The only info I really review outside your resume is if you listed whether or not you're willing to relocate. I really dont care about the ATS boxes and whatnot.

      I dont speak for every recruiter so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

      I mean your job description is cool and all but honestly I look for data and metrics. E.g. size of portfolio, improvements in budget, productivity metrics, promotions, related education and skills, etc.
      Nov 4
  • New scheme
    Top question 👏. Hope we get top answers!
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  • Intuit c9a4b
    Use to optimize your resume for applicant tracking software (ATS).
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