Referral for SWE in HFT companies (e.g., Citadel, Jane Street, ...)

New EvSF61
Jul 24 5 Comments

Hi all,

I am a new grad student here and I am finishing my PhD in a month. I am looking for a referral for companies mostly in Seattle, Chicago, and NYC area. I would appreciate it for any internal referrals since online applications have been a pain in the a** for me!

Thanks a ton!

Citadel, Jane Street, HRT, ...

UPDATE: Forgot to mention that I am looking for SWE positions!
UPDATE 2: Adding NYC to the list of cities


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  • Jane Street Capital / Eng sumce
    We don't have an office in either city you mentioned. You couldn't do a single minute of research on the three companies you named?
    Jul 25 1
    • New EvSF61
      My assumption was that Jane Street had offices in financial districts like Chicago and New York. I forgot to mention New York in my question. That is why I mentioned Jane Street. I knew for sure that JS had office in NYC.
      Jul 25
  • Amazon prt
    I'm curious, what did you focus on in PhD? Are you applying for SWE or quant. Top 10/ 20 school?

    I'm from no name University right now, and want to go into quant research.
    Jul 24 1
    • New EvSF61
      No top 10 at all.

      My PhD focus was on HPC (High Performance Computing). Doing CUDA to perform computations on GPUs.

      Not interested in research in any forms. Looking for SWE positions.
      Jul 24
  • Abbott / Eng ssJG63
    Jul 24 0


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