Referral in google/amazon/apple/Microsoft in india (Hyderabad or Bangalore)?

Samsung / Eng ReallyiDid
May 13 8 Comments

Currently at Samsung in bay area.. Looking for opportunities in India.

Can anyone refer me in the field of Software/ Embedded systems


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  • Amazon $user
    DM me for Google
    May 16 1
  • Amazon / Eng zgbY57
    DM me
    May 13 1
    • Samsung / Eng ReallyiDid
      Done. Thanks for the help
      May 14
  • Flipkart 👒luffy
    If you are interested in Flipkart, DM me.
    May 13 1
    • Samsung / Eng ReallyiDid
      Hey thanks for the response i really appreciate it. my job profile is more towards embedded systems software design... I couldn't find any relevant opportunities in Flipkart, are you aware of any teams working in thai field?
      May 14
  • Salesforce curious01
    What's your yoe ?
    May 18 0
  • Palo Alto Networks reactjsman
    Why are you going back to india ? TC ? Expected salary ?
    May 13 0