Referral needed for a new grad

Apr 10 16 Comments

Here are my key qualities:

MS in SE -> Graduating in May ‘19
Coding -> Good at Python, Java, JavaScript
Skills -> Good problem solving, deep knowledge of web technologies

I have solved like 300 LC problems.

Thanks in advance.

PS. didn’t work out for me so far.


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  • Cruise Automation sl1msh4dy
    Lol @ new grads rating themselves 8+/10 in languages. Although i know the struggle of job hunting is real my (wo)man. Keep at it and good luck!
    Apr 10 8
    • Lol this is the Dunning-Kruger effect at play. A programmer doesn't know that there's things they don't know and a beginner assumes they've mastered everything.
      I'm using Java as an example because that's my area of familiarity. You learn a couple basic concepts like creating classes, methods, some basic data structures, maybe some keywords like static, final, public/private/protected/etc and assume you're a 7/10 god. Maybe even throw in some OO concepts like interfaces, inheritance, 8/10. But the thing is there's sooo much more, frameworks like Spring, in Java 8 lambda functions, this week I learned that there's built in support for publisher/subscriber pattern (I'm still a noobie myself),etc etc, million other things I don't know yet. Basically, someone assessing their language competency in terms of an n/10 rating is meaningless to me, if anything it's a red flag because it shows lack of self-awareness.

      Edit: oh and also "good problem solving skills"🤦. 300 LC problems is the only strong point, but it's not exactly a good resume entry.
      Apr 11
    • OP
      FY @ u do u : As I’ve said this is for new grad position so it has nothing to do with SAP. If you don’t wanna help then please don’t ruin this feed or anyone’s career.
      Apr 11
    • OP
      Also I’ve seen so many fellow students who are pretty bad as shit in coding know literally nothing about CS and eventually relatively good story teller (LPs and all kind of BS) and are already there at amazon. So good luck to you, too.
      Apr 11
    • Microsoft ScionTC
      @palindrom I agree that accessing one’s own understanding of a language out of 10 is sort of a red flag.

      8/10 means different things to different people, partially because fundamentally it’s meaningless to have such a metric. For instance, do you know about reflections? Have you ever taken apart a built Java binary and inspected the compiled java byte code? Ever looked into the JVM closely?
      Apr 11
    • OP
      Apr 11
  • Microsoft ScionTC
    Do you know C/C++? Perhaps I am biased, but if I were hiring I would want to know that my engineers know some things about low-level languages even if they are not going to need them 95 percent of the time.
    Apr 10 2
    • OP
      Yes, sure! I know C and used it during my bachelors and know basics of C++ but my preferred language are these 3 that I’ve mentioned earlier.
      Apr 10
    • Microsoft ScionTC
      Got you! Make sure you at least include them on your resume :)

      As for referrals, I just started recently, I am not sure how much weight my referral will have
      Apr 10
  • Google googler78
    DM for Google though I'm not sure if they're still hiring new grads
    Apr 11 1
    • OP
      True, couldn’t find any relevant positions on the website for new grad. Thanks for help.
      Apr 11
  • Amazon UKBV06
    Ping me for Amazon
    Apr 11 0
  • Google sysdes
    R u looking for Google referral
    Apr 14 0


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