Relocation and commute benefits at Cruise Automation

Wave Computing ai314
Nov 10 6 Comments

How are the one-time relocation assistance and daily commute benefits at Cruise Automation?


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  • Oracle fat panda
    Sorry, I can't help with the answer
    Please consolidate all your questions to one.
    Also TC or GTFO
    Nov 10 1
    • Wave Computing ai314
      Current TC (Base + SO) ~195K
      Nov 10
  • Cruise Automation gasp
    I'm pretty sure we canceled our relo benefit, or something to that effect. I remember seeing an internal note about it some time ago. I know we at least help/entirely cover a month or two of housing in SF if you're moving for work, not sure of anything on top of that. Perhaps someone else who has relevant experience can confirm.


    Commuter benefits are $100/mo on a card that you can use for predesignated "commute" purchases - basically, either at parking meters OR on Bart/Caltrain cards/passes. You need to pick which mode you want and it can't be changed adhoc.

    I use the BART mode and just load $100 onto my Bart card each month.
    Nov 10 0
  • Apple RCiw11
    So they don’t cover a monthly pass?
    Nov 12 1
    • Cruise Automation gasp
      No, a stipend is given to you through a Discovery card.
      Nov 12
  • Wayfair changg325
    I recently accepted an offer from Cruise. They gave my $15K relocation fee. I need to relocate from Boston to San Francisco.
    Dec 3 0


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