Remote work on H1B

Rackspace lkjhg45
Sep 11 8 Comments

It seems like the work location is set to the employees address in the LCA.

What are some things to be careful about?

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  • Verizon / Product huvwow
    1. Do you work at a third party work site?
    2. Do you live in the same city as your employer?
    Sep 11 3
    • Rackspace lkjhg45
      No and no. I’ll be working from my home for the most part. Maybe occasionally a Starbucks. My employer doesn’t have an office in my city or even state for that matter.
      Sep 11
    • Intel / Eng onerhief
      You will need to file an amendment to add your home address as an additional work location.
      Sep 11
    • Rackspace lkjhg45
      Thanks Intel. I’ll check with the immigration team on the location amendment.
      Sep 11
  • Xilinx SrEe”
    If remote on H1B, whats the point of H1B?
    Sep 11 2
    • Rackspace lkjhg45
      Because the candidate can have special skills the position calls for but doesn’t necessarily reside in the same location. Moving is not always an option, people do like to settle in one place with their family.
      Sep 11
    • Xilinx -life-
      ^ you think immigration will buy this? If candidate has special skills but can work remote-equals the skills can be deployed remote-why the visa which is to bring person from remote to local, required at all and just be total remote. I doubt immigration folks will bite into this.
      Nov 9
  • Oracle ora_123
    How did it go for you ? I am in a similar situation with a new offer and they want me to work remotely rather than relocating and being in the same city as the office. Would love to hear your experience.
    Nov 9 0


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