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Aug 31 8 Comments

Hi people,

Welcome to help or roast me.

Computer engineering student from McGill University.
Former intern @Ericsson @Nventive
Leetcode: 400+
Seeking Referrals for: Twitter, Yext, Yelp, Gusto, LinkedIn, Tesla, Salesforce, Palantir, Snapchat, Airbnb and more more!



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  • Facebook ⭕w⭕
    Why those shit tier companies (except LinkedIn)? Why not FANG or unicorns like Airbnb?
    Aug 31 3
    • Amazon p1m2j3hk
      FANG is honestly for old people, except Google. They're just not cool any more. TC is comparable I think.
      Aug 31
    • OP
      For FANG, I got referrals from my friends. Google and Airbnb’s intern position is not out yet
      Aug 31
    • OP
      @p1m2j3hk. Even tho i m student and I don’t think I know enough to comment how are these companies, I just found what you said really cool haha
      Aug 31
  • Gusto claws
    Sep 15 1
    • New MTlr74
      Can i dm for new grad? Can share info thru dm..
      Sep 24
  • New / Other NoMeansY/N
    Is McGill a good university?
    Aug 31 1
    • OP
      Official answer: yes, No.2 in Canada, No. 33 in world according to QS ranking. Long history, lots of famous alumni, including Canada’s PM....blablabla

      Low key what I think: its good but not top. Ppl in US might not even have heard of McGill, or don’t know it’s in Canada. Top tier companies never come to post jobs on the school websites. (But sometimes Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Ubisoft come to campus for events) They obviously like students from Waterloo university more. Engineering program is shit.
      Aug 31