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Medallia Boofoo1234
Mar 4 6 Comments

Heard that Salesforce has 6months parental leave at 100percent pay? Is that true?
And have that there is a day care in one of the offices. Is that free? How easy is it to get into that day care?


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  • Salesforce 123gogo
    Read all about it at
    Mar 4 3
    • Medallia Boofoo1234
      Is the little ohana free or paid? I couldn’t get that info
      Mar 4
    • Salesforce 2cloudy
      Paid, I doubt it is easy to get into, and unless you already drive in every day it’s probably much more inconvenient than any child care near your home.
      Mar 4
    • Salesforce / Mgmt GQch66
      Just a comment on day care location. I've done near home and near work, and near work is so so so much better. No rushing home to hit pickup time while stuck in traffic, slow transit, etc. Only downside is that if the little one had a bad day, you might get to share your commute with a crying kid.
      Mar 5
  • Salesforce / Eng DltF00
    80 percent pay. Definitely no free daycare.
    Mar 20 0
  • Salesforce HWFe87
    I believe little Ohana is something you have to pay for
    Mar 20 0


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