Sap lay-off 4400 ppl - NA and Germany

SAP lkjpoiu
Jan 29 17 Comments



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  • Looks like they are moving most of their software development to India. SAP is in cost-cutting mode.
    Jan 297
    • Uber Ththg
      Oh no...according to their CFO this is about transformation and new skills required. Lol. Bs.
      Jan 29
    • Salesforce Heimer
      Jan 29
    • SAP Prsw
      @Heimer We got an email saying about 4400 employees asked to leave and they will hire more people(hiring location not mentioned). Heard they are asking people to take early retirement.
      Jan 30
    • Salesforce Heimer
      What does early retirement even mean. Is that applicable only to very senior folks?
      Jan 30
    • Uber undead
      It means people in their 40s are fucked. Enjoy getting old in tech. Fuck SAP!
      Jan 30
    • Anyone know if it’s started yet? Seems like they’d get everyone out before mid March if they give 30 days to find an internal job like they did last year. Then they’d all be gone by last March payroll.
      Feb 5
    • I know one guy who got laid off two weeks ago after working at SAP for 12 years.
      Feb 7
  • 2008 all over again, I was at Sap America back then
    Jan 290
  • It was inevitable. I see soo many engineers just drifting. Doing nothing productive except fancy spreadsheets, attend meetings etc. They don't have enthusiasm to learn anything new or take initiative. Better let them go and instead pay more to deserving engineers.
    Jan 303
    • Salesforce Heimer
      Any idea when the downsizing will start?
      Jan 30
    • No idea. It will be in Q1 itself. That's for sure
      Jan 31
    • It started already in some board areas.
      Feb 14
  • Salesforce Heimer
    Their press release says they will be offering “early retirement” to some of their employees. If that’s an euphemism for layoffs, it’s the worst one ever.
    Jan 290
  • Layoffs at new town square office
    Jan 290
  • SAP lkjpoiu
    What happened in 2008 ?
    Jan 291
    • SAP wyGk17
      Last big layoff at SAP.
      Feb 2

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