Schwab Engineering Levels?

American Express / Eng gabpaz
Sep 13, 2018 3 Comments

Could someone post what are different engineering levels at Charles Schwab and average salary for Sr. Staff, Java Developer? Recruiter told me next level above this is Tech Lead and then Director. Seeing staff in the role seems confusing.


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  • Tango Health / Eng WaterColor
    Associate (Haven't seen any engineer at this level)
    Staff (Returning Interns start at staff)
    Sr Staff 125-140k incl bonus.
    Tech Director add 10-15%.
    Principal not sure.

    Titles are inflated at times. Do not fall for the *staff* level. And expect abt 10 years to go across each level. You can count the number of princi in the company using your fingers :)
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  • Apple magikarp16
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    • American Express / Eng gabpaz
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