Seattle to Edmonton (Canada)

Apr 23 8 Comments

Planning a trip to Edmonton in late July. Would a Bullitt Mustang with Winter tires be fine or I’d need snow chains ?
Route on google maps doesn’t really make it easy.
Any inputs for the route for this ?

I’m planning to finish the drive in 2 days. So any must checkout spots ?



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  • New bob_
    Which route are you taking? Banff to Jasper through Canadian Rockies (ice fields parkway) is considered one of the greatest drives. You pass through Lake Louise which is spectacular.
    Apr 23 2
    • OP
      Looking into this. I haven’t confirmed the route yet. Need inputs. I can then make some hotel / Airbnb booking.
      Apr 23
    • Intel / Other seabay
      There are hardly any Airbnb inside Banff and none inside Jasper
      Apr 23
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    • OP
      Sounds fun. I could check it out while coming back to Seattle.
      Apr 23
  • Google


    winter tires help when driving on snow and ice, but being careful (not accelerating or braking too quickly) is also important
    Apr 23 1
    • OP
      I know. I’m currently on all season tires. But thinking to switch to winter for better traction. Weather says it could be rain / wet during mid-end July.
      Apr 23
  • OP
    I’m thinking of going through Seattle —> abbotsford —> Clearwater —> valemount —> Edmonton.

    Just wondering how crazy is the drive from Seattle to blue river / Valemount, and if it could be done in a day.

    I’ve driven 750 miles in a day in about 14 hours including stops, but that was a straight road. I can drive 9-10 hours easily. Could stretch a little at times. But this isn’t a straight road.
    Apr 29 0
  • New bob_
    Hotels along that route book up so best to reserve early. Chateau lake Louise (in the classic building on the lake front) is great. Banff springs hotel is also great. These are giant hotels built by the railroad companies -- they have a charm and location that's not easy to replicate.
    Apr 23 0