Seattlelites: Free Yoga for Beginners

Deloitte / Product gnat
Aug 28 9 Comments

I started practicing yoga about three years ago and received my teacher training a few months ago. Never was a hippie dippie person so I definitely focused more on the physical practice at first. Over time, the practice has definitely improved my health both mentally and physically.

My perception is that it's pretty intimidating for beginners to attend a yoga class (that's how I started), much like stepping into a weight room for the first time. So my question is this: if I were to host free / donation based yoga classes targeted at beginners to help you gain strength, flexibility, and balance, would you be interested?

One of the goals I have this year is be more involved in the community, and be intentional about giving back. The money would go to a charity, maybe on a monthly rotation as I have no interest in becoming a full-time yoga teacher. The classes would have to be based outdoors since I don't have free indoor space.

Based in Seattle (so weather could be prohibitive, but TBD). If this seems like a fun idea and you or someone you know may be interested in building this up with me, hit me up! Questions? Ask away!



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  • Humana edjuh
    The first timer anxiety is not about money.

    Maybe include practice videos to start with at home, show them what people wear, and give them some terminology definitions.

    Then if the first class is also free the beginners will be more likely to come.
    Aug 28 7
    • Amazon :(:(
      I feel I'm not flexible enough to do any of the poses they show on TV. Also being from India, I've seen yoga as more mental and spiritual healing- in US I see hot yoga and God knows what all.. people wearing fancy ass clothes. I don't even know what to wear.
      Aug 28
    • Amazon protonn
      +1 in India, real yoga happens without any yoga mats, yoga pants , hot yoga.
      Aug 28
    • Amazon :(:(
      True. Like I want to do yoga. I know it'll help with stress levels and probably bring more peace than weed maybe? Don't know. But I'm super intimated by clothes and what to wear
      Aug 28
    • Amazon :(:(
      Exhibit A
      Aug 28
    • Deloitte / Product gnat
      This is great feedback. I had never considered what to wear as a hindrance so I'm taking notes!

      I did my yoga training in India and the focus is definitely more breathing techniques/mindfulness vs hot fast flows and advanced poses.

      The physical practice will come and you'll gain strength and flexibility overtime. Starting out is the hardest and I wanted to gauge interest esp. for techies like myself.

      My goal would be to get 5-10 people interested and introduce the basics of yoga in a safe and welcoming safe. I know ebooks and YouTube videos are available but it's nice to have a group in the same boat and being able to explain the nuances and benefits of various poses.
      Aug 28
  • Microsoft trumpety
    Thoughts: maybe putting the location in the title will attract Seattle folks
    Aug 28 0


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