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Oct 16, 2018 9 Comments

I worked 6 months each at 3 different companies. The last 2 were toxic early stage startups in SF that both laid me off. The last one laid me off the day after I asked for a raise, when I showed them that I had out-delivered all the more senior engineers who had already left, based on collectively estimated JIRA tickets (measured in JIRA hours/month). The previous company laid off half of SF employees before letting me go. (I was their last SF engineer.) I quit the 1st company for the 2nd, without being laid off.

Anyway on my Google application, I stated that I was let go for funding reasons. (The 3rd company had been trying unsuccessfully to find funding for the past year, and the other engineers had already left for this reason.) Then, the 3rd company unexpectedly raised funding (mostly consisting of debt financing), and I failed to receive an offer from Google after an onsite.

Anyway, Bloomberg has been much better and I'll gladly stay here for several years if necessary.

When I interview with Google again, what should I list as my reason for leaving previous roles?


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  • Amazon BB!
    You were at Start ups with money issues. You took a risk being there. You liked the team and You were sad to go. Looking for some stability in a bigger company.
    Oct 16, 2018 1
    • Oracle champa
      Too much talk. Google know already
      Oct 16, 2018
  • Lyft ci7gh4
    You volunteered too much information. I answer all those garbage questions with "none of your business".
    Oct 16, 2018 1
    • Oracle champa
      Yes. Take out garbage
      Oct 16, 2018
  • Oracle champa
    Google know why you left. No tell liar.
    Oct 16, 2018 2
    • Google / Eng

      Google Eng

      champa, you have the right to remain silent, every word you say can be used against you in the court.

      Google also knows who you are.
      Oct 16, 2018
    • Oracle champa
      I censor myself
      Oct 16, 2018
  • Google


    Google will not ask you why you left. Just answer the coding interview questions, and you'll be fine. We need high performing innovative engineers who can out-deliver others. Money is not an issue here. Good luck.
    Oct 16, 2018 1
    • Bloomberg / Eng iVX372
      Thanks. As I explained in the OP, the Google application form contained a "reason for leaving" section, which I filled out for each job. So they did ask why I left.

      For the 2nd job, I truthfully stated that I was the last SF engineer after half of SF employees were let go. 3rd job, I truthfully stated that half of the engineers had left before I did, due to lack of funding.

      What should I write differently on my next application form?
      Oct 17, 2018