Selling a car in the bay area

May 5 10 Comments

Hello Fellow Blinders,

What’s the best way to sell a car in the bay area? Does a particular app work well or is selling it to a dealership recommended?

I have an Audi A4 (2013) that I’m looking to sell, it’s been well maintained and always serviced at the dealership.

Would anyone be able to help post my ad to their internal classifieds? Please DM me if you’re able to help. Appreciate the help


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  • Microsoft y0lo
    I’m selling a 2012 bmw 335i convertible with extended warranty until 2021 and only 54k miles! DM me if interested
    May 5 2
    • F5 Networks / Eng moveon?
      May 5
    • Microsoft y0lo
      May 5
  • Facebook ImranKhan
    I sold it through facebook marketplace. I was pleasantly surprised to see it work and better than Craigslist
    May 6 2
    • Apple hakunanaMa
      From marketing team?
      May 6
    • New / Eng

      New Eng

      Tc = broke. Education: the Derek Zoolander school for kids who can’t read and want to do other stuff good too
      ^^^^ this is a company man
      May 6
  • Shift. Easy peasy. Just schedule a visual check appoint, bring all your papers and wait for the check to be deposited.
    May 6 0
  • Apple tyrion🎲
    Craigslist if you want best $$ but willing to put in some time and wait.
    May 6 1
    • Amazon / Eng Yolo!
      ^ This. Needs patience though but you’ll get the most $$
      May 6
  • Uber euurytu
    I sold it through shift and they were good
    May 5 0