Sensible break times as a Developer?

Unity Lvl1Crook
Mar 6

So I was wondering how often / how long do people take breaks during their work day? Obviously you can't crunch all day (unless you're in 'the zone', but still won't last the whole day) and I'm just wondering how often others have breaks and for how long? I would say on average 10m/hr ish



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  • There's nothing as sensible as long as you get stuff done
    Mar 60
  • Parsons Corporation bAGA64
    I picked one of your choices, but for me it really depends on how intensely I've been focused on work in the work time. The more intensely focused I've been, the longer a break I need to reset. But usually if I've been intensely focused it has been for several hours, so a slightly longer break isn't a bad thing. If it's an easier day, I'm better about giving myself a small break every hour, but then I keep them very short.
    Mar 60

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