Should I accept Facebook TPM or Amazon SDM

New Qddb38
Nov 9 10 Comments

Both offering around $350K TC for L6. Which one should I accept? Which one will be better for career growth?
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  • Amazon


    Cisco, Ericsson
    What do u want to do in life tpm or sdm they are different tracks..
    Nov 9 0
  • Google YWzz63
    Go to Amazon as SDM then go to Facebook 2 years later as M1 and make 500K+
    Nov 9 0
  • Snapchat GITv5z
    Should I eat apple or orange? They are both sweet. Dude those things are different choose a role that you like better
    Nov 9 0
  • Facebook cochococho
    Without knowing more, go for SDM. TPM being a shitty job tends to be a pretty good guess
    Nov 9 2
    • Microsoft IamClay
      Why do you say TPM is shitty?
      Nov 10
    • Facebook cochococho
      Making all the asks. Having no authority
      Nov 10
  • Amazon fejj zebos
    I'd stay the fuck away from Amazon, find another company.
    Nov 9 0
  • Amazon FBvu27
    Im curios on how did you end up in this situation on L6)) - was your previous experience a TPM or SDM or did you have a startup?
    In my understanding TPM in Fb is not too technical, way less tech than in Amazon..Do you liek doing perf reviews and hiring? As l6 you will still need to work on team capacity and goals, it not like you are and L7 and you can move projects around easily.
    Nov 9 0
  • Go to Amazon and tell them you have another offer then go to Facebook and work there then go to Google and beg for an interview.
    Nov 9 0
  • Amazon blinded007
    Do not accept both and take a deep breath!
    Nov 9 0


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