Should I apply/move to accenture?

New AbbA86
Jan 17 8 Comments

Currently work in ops/management at a startup. Thinking of applying for an analyst or consultant position at Accenture. Any pros and cons or thoughts on doing this? Can people at Accenture speak for the culture? I’m located in the bay.


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  • Accenture szvw68
    I was exactly in your position 3 years ago. I was in ops mgt and I interviewed for a manager position at accenture. They said I would be more suited for the consultant position. By the time I got to the offer it was a senior analyst role. I am in tech consulting. In my industry role I was managing day to day operations. In my consulting role I work on enterprise scale implementations. It's a very different role. I liked my ops role better because I got to feel the business grow. In my consulting role I'm just another drop in an ocean. However, ACN did give me a 60% raise over my industry salary so no regrets there. I don't dislike the work and I'm happy with the pay and I love the ppl I work with.

    I've also grown a LOT. My thinking is more structured and my soft skills have immensely improved.

    My first year was not so good. I thought I'd learn more or do more impactful work. However manager's won't put you in front of a client until they trust you. You have to know ppl to get on good projects. Once you have a network of people, you're set.

    Accenture can be a great place to work if you find your niche.
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    • New AbbA86
      Thank you so much for this response!! I enjoy my work a lot too, I'm just thinking about the long term and how I might grow my career moving forwards and I guess it's hard to envision the next steps where I am, as much as I love it. I'm concerned I'm not developing as many legitimate skills even though I am learning a lot. Great to hear your move was successful and you've grown a lot.
      Jan 22
  • Accenture dadreaded1
    Sadly don’t go into operations. Their pay is way lower, their hours and benefits are also lower. Try for a consultant position and really scrutinize the projects you choose to work
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    • New AbbA86
      Thank you!
      Jan 22
  • Google / Product

    Google Product

    PayPal, Google, Accenture
    What's your objective, short and long term
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    • New AbbA86
      short term: make decent money, start career. Long term: Make more money. Is that too shallow? I don't really have any big or lofty ideals as of now.
      Jan 22
  • Accenture Pachinko91
    Depends on what type of project you land. Some managers are shit, some are the best people I've worked with. West coast (California) will start you off with a high salary, New York will too easy coast. Depending on your experience, that is.
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  • Indeed ackxhpaez
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