Should I move to EA?

Valve 7Oxnw2
Sep 4 14 Comments

Currently considering a position at EA and wondering if it'll be a step above current job at Valve. I don't really have any issues in terms of compensation but some part of Valve culture is a little challenging for me related to supposedly "flat" structures that aren't always so.

What's culture at EA like? Are there any things culturally that you're unsatisfied with at EA?


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  • Valve / Eng

    Valve Eng

    Wait until Hawaii is over. Also curious what you're feeling at Valve;. PM me if you want to vent.

    Sincerely, Gabe
    Sep 4 4
    • Hi Gabe, you walked by me the other day and I wanted to say hi but decided not to bother you.
      Sep 5
    • Valve / Eng

      Valve Eng

      Probably for the best. I'm sure he's sick of being a mascot
      Sep 5
    • EA ☕️
      Indeed. Maybe valve should create an official mascot
      Sep 7
    • Riot Games Choo Choo
      Yeah everyone, leave Gabe alone, he's probably tired of being worshipped. Gabe - slide into my DMs for a good time.
      Sep 7
  • Bloated. It seems many groups go through this cycle:

    - Start a group of 2 or 3 people that does "something". "Something" is usually not making money.

    - Be overwhelmed, and then start to expand personnel regionally to fix that. The original do-ers are now managers.

    - Regional workers are overwhelmed, so they need staff. The regional workers are now managers, and the original people that started the group are now directors or higher.

    You now have an org with almost too much time on their hands. Easiest way to spot them is when you get "urgent" requests out of nowhere near the end of the quarter. These are not actually urgent, but they have to show progress on "goals" in order to keep feeding the beast.
    Sep 5 2
    • Activision Blizzard / Design Metzen
      You’re talking about game teams that spin up, or what?
      Sep 6
    • Not game teams, but "overhead" departments. Most are non tech.
      Sep 8
  • EA fvju84
    As always, it depends on what team you are on. I think if your position is at EA and not at one of the EA studios, the culture will be more tech than gaming(which is a good thing).
    Sep 4 2
    • Valve 7Oxnw2
      So EA rather than an EA studio?
      Sep 5
    • EA fvju84
      Yes, I would say so
      Sep 6
  • EA


    Senior Software Engineer
    As long as you don’t work for EADP, you are fine. If you do work for EADP, good luck...
    Sep 4 1
    • EA vTqH51
      What’s wrong with EADP? Which team are you on?
  • EA ImsX88
    EA as a whole is definitely not flat. But the culture varies wildly across teams and locations. It’s a very large company.
    Sep 4 0