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Should I tell my new work that I'm pregnant?

Amazon Shiela

I accepted a job in Australia in early November and will be starting work with the new company early January. I just found out that I'm pregnant. I wasn't pregnant when I accepted the job but things happen.

Should I tell the new company before I even relocate that I'm pregnant?

I think that i shouldn't since it's early in the pregnancy like only 4 weeks and i don't want my new company to be the first to know when my extended family doesn't even know.


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  • Procore Lol2018
    No they don’t need to know. Also, there is a risk of miscarriage (Of course I hope this doesn’t happen 😀)so no need to rock the boat until you know for sure.
    • Facebook Whateverrs
      Yeah one in four pregnancies end in miscarriage. Many people won't even tell their parents until they get to that three month mark to know it's for real.
  • Amazon salsa🕺
    No. Never. Let them assume you are getting fat. And take a week off to deliver the baby.
    • New tLFu71
      It’s really a one day task. Don’t need an entire week off maybe 2-3 days. I’d try and shit the kid out on a Friday afternoon then can be back in the office by Tuesday.
    • LinkedIn Zeiwkf5
      You really don’t need to go to the hospital until your dilated pretty far. Is this the first kid? It’ll take a while to get to that stage. Plenty of time to finish some meetings and emails.
  • Autodesk DouP01
    Don’t tell until 3 - 5 months
  • Amazon Pfnemwm
  • Oracle vxc4i
    Australia has good laws to support new parents. Don't worry about it yet. Focus on impressing them with you attitude and work. Good luck!
  • Amazon Big_fish
    You don’t have to tell them anything.
  • Apple Okidoki
    What would be even the point of telling? Legally they can’t recall the offer. In terms of planning if you tell them at 5 months they would still have 3 more months to prepare for tour leave, much more than the 2 week notice they normally get when people leave the company.
  • Amazon OvBd68
    Definitely tell and explain the situation
  • Amazon 🎁/🎁
    Don't say anything until around 6 months. Early stages of pregnancy are high risk and most couples don't tell ANYONE until they are out of the first trimester.
  • Intel 10% ESPP!
    Don't tell them

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