Small Office Woes

New / Cust. Srv. mfbah
Feb 7 5 Comments

Thoughts/feelings on working for a small office - 15 employees or under. Do you find working for a small office employees are more interested in your personal life.


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  • New ktFx33
    Really depends on the place. Current coworkers are respectful but don’t mingle much. Everybody has a friend within the group but that’s it. Sometimes it’s nice to be a big fish in a small pond. That being said i worked at another small place before and it was unprofessional
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    • New / Cust. Srv. mfbah
      I’ve worked for a few small businesses and mostly everyone wants to know your personal business. Our meetings consist more of personal discussions than work related discussions-it’s extremely annoying and a waste of time
      Feb 7
  • New dluz61
    Yes, seriously. It's like being on the world's longest road trip with the same 6 people. You're basically living in each other's pockets
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    The Schmuck in My Office: How to Deal Effectively with Difficult People at Work
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  • Amazon BeffJeezos
    Unless you have 1/15th equity and you believe insanely in the company's mission and leadership, dont do it...
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