Software Engineer to Data Scientist

Microsoft red-hawk
Sep 18 7 Comments

I am a New Grad Software Engineer at Microsoft. I recently realised that there is not much ML work involved in this profile. Hence I wish to transition to a Data Scientist role. How can I do that?
Also, I am worried that if I stay too long (2-3 years) in this role, I will not be considered for Data Scientist role as all my experience would be as a Software Engineer.
Can someone please provide some insight or guidance?


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  • Accenture ehNX11
    Also looking to switch to data science. I think traditional masters programs are too expensive 100k for degree + whatever you miss from working. There are less expensive online part time degrees like the Georgia tech one, which I’ve heard good things about. There’s also coursera courses, but I don’t know if they would be enough to switch roles.

    I’m going to start with coursera while I consider applying to Georgia tech.
    Sep 18 1
    • Microsoft red-hawk
      I do have a Master's degree
      Sep 18
  • Microsoft VQGP55
    UVA has a one year DS masters degree (I'm an alum). Costs WAY less than 100K, and I think they are going towards remote program now.
    Sep 18 0
  • Reliable Software / Eng Atinlay5
    Just a food for thought. I have heard that most of the ds job is to mess with sql or excel like files. Only 20 percent is cool ml, rest is data preparation. Joma moved to swe coz of this reason. Not sure how true though. Maybe what you want is machine learning engineer
    Sep 18 0
  • Walmart crentist
    Be careful what you wish for. If you don’t have a phd, the chances of you getting to build modelling packages are slim. Most DS roles are analyst roles rebranded. I’d suggest you work into ML Engineer roles that involve putting models in production. They tend to pay higher than these inflated product data scientist positions.
    Sep 28 0
  • New mLDS69
    Can you elaborate on your everyday tasks
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  • PwC / Eng ittybits
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