Something going on in Digital Ocean recruiting?

New qYsd52
May 23 2 Comments

I’ve been Interviewing for a role at Digital Ocean, although I have been progressing, communication with recruiting has been spotty at best. Is there something in particular that is making getting responses out of recruiting CONSISTENTLY so difficult? Or is this a culture thing where people just don’t reply back to emails within days?

I routinely have anywhere between days to weeks of delay in getting replies back from either the recruiter or the recruiting coordinator. While I love the job and I’ve heard good things about the company, this is been an incredibly concerning for me so I want to ask here.


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  • Yelp SQN
    This was my experience a couple of years ago, despite a warm introduction. I suspect their recruiting process is broken.
    May 23 0
  • LinkedIn XKBw76
    I personally know some who leads the talent and branding team and saw her post a Linkedin update today that they were looking for information on a contract recruiter. Hope this helps with you and the process. Good luck.
    May 23 0

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