Something going on in Digital Ocean recruiting?

New qYsd52
May 23 3 Comments

I’ve been Interviewing for a role at Digital Ocean, although I have been progressing, communication with recruiting has been spotty at best. Is there something in particular that is making getting responses out of recruiting CONSISTENTLY so difficult? Or is this a culture thing where people just don’t reply back to emails within days?

I routinely have anywhere between days to weeks of delay in getting replies back from either the recruiter or the recruiting coordinator. While I love the job and I’ve heard good things about the company, this is been an incredibly concerning for me so I want to ask here.


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  • Yelp SQN
    This was my experience a couple of years ago, despite a warm introduction. I suspect their recruiting process is broken.
    May 23 0
  • LinkedIn XKBw76
    I personally know some who leads the talent and branding team and saw her post a Linkedin update today that they were looking for information on a contract recruiter. Hope this helps with you and the process. Good luck.
    May 23 0
  • ZT Systems rollball
    I agree with this, something is definitely going on in recruiting at DO and this has nothing to do with why they did not reach out back to me but I have to keep contacting them for what was the reason.
    When I had my screen, guy from west coast was pretty impressed with my technical answers on Computer HW and testing algorithms with debugging skills. I thought I nailed that and when I got a chance to ask some queries about company and what he can do in certain debugging conditions, he was failed to described though he was Sr. HW engineer and leading their team.
    After few weeks, I keep asking the recruiter for what was happened and why I’m not hearing anything back from them, she finally reach out after a few weeks and told me that I do not meet the skills they looking for.
    May be I was not as proficient as they were looking for but I did had that gut feeling on that time that I made a mistake to ask to technical back to my hiring lead. It was good opportunity like me who stuck in east coast. :/
    Jul 15 0