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Southwest agent mocks someone's name

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Nov 28 OC Southwest gate agent mocks 5-year-old girl's name.

My personal response: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 🍿


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    • Snapchat Evan
      Yes, the parents are stupid. The agent still should be fired.
      Nov 28
  • Microsoft ThisOrThat
    Agent was a dumbass
    The parent even a bigger one
    Nov 280
  • McAfee JohnMcPee
    Wow, didn’t expect that to be her name.

    I am sure some hardcore Blinder will name his/her daughter as TC and son as GTFO in the future.
    Nov 280
  • Intel / Other10% ESPP!
    I'm surprised the agent wasn't fired
    Nov 280
  • Microsoft 5'8"gl
    Yeah, it's better be "Jenny'); DROP TABLE Customers;"
    Nov 280
  • Google / EngrRPD43
    The parents are idiots. That poor kid is going to change her name as soon as she can.
    Nov 290
  • DocuSign Docudouble
    This is the definition of a bastard parent. They don’t realize their dumb idea of a name will ruin any chance of a normal childhood for their kids.
    Nov 280
  • Apple iPhone Xs
    Hate it when parents treat kids like fantasy projects when giving them such names. The poor kid has to face the consequences of the parents. Change your own fucking name instead of messing your child’s future
    Nov 280
  • Microsoft Jekyll
    Poor kid.
    Nov 280
  • Microsoft MrRobotron
    Good - give your kid normal names (doesn’t have to be Anglo-centric)
    Nov 280
  • Microsoft / EngLowly IC
    How many letters until its socially acceptable to mock the name? Coorlated with age? That is the real question. abcdefghijklmno.... now thats fucking nuts! Ill name my kid the alphabet 40 times in full, just to make him waste his life writing it.
    Nov 291
    • Microsoft MrRobotron
      Dibs on naming my kid QWERTY
      Nov 29
  • Juniper Nishit
    Let’s see if Nishit gets mocked.
    Nov 281
    • Microsoft MrRobotron
      I mean, there have to be English names that sound similar to something inappropriate in Hindi or other languages - it’s just human nature to giggle at that.

      Honestly, I wouldn’t mock Nishit - it’s not Anglo-centric, but it’s a completely legitimate name.

      ABCDE is just stupid. It’s like naming a kid QWERTY
      Nov 29
  • They should sue for invasion of privacy.
    Nov 280
  • Netflix bread
    You’re a dick OP
    Nov 280

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