Spent the whole weekend reading/watching on phone/laptop

Microsoft jooyvjl
May 6 14 Comments

I just realized that I have literally spent all my awake hours indulged into either my phone or laptop. Didnt even take a bath. I was eating quick fixed meals from time to time but those while staring at Netflix too.
Is there something wrong with me?


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TOP 14 Comments
  • A true representation of the single folks of our generation. There are many more like you, including me.

    @amazon - no, it's not depression. Shut tf up.
    May 61
    • New / Engcousin
      That kind of behavior can lead to depression though.
      May 6
  • Oracle bad404
    Yes, but more people like this than you'd think
    May 60
  • Amazon / Engblooblah
    This sounds like depression. Even if you don't necessarily feel sad, depression can manifest as an intense boredom, like everything is gray and none of it matters. If you have any thoughts about suicide or think you may be depressed, please seek assistance.
    May 61
    • Microsoft jooyvjl
      Maybe it is.
      I do feel bored often, but I don't feel like doing anything
      May 6
  • Salesforce benimeoff
    Ha, so you had an awesome weekend?
    May 60
  • Capital One zolk13
    Signs of pre-depression. Try going outdoors or engaging in sports or meeting people or travelling.
    Home project, learning new skill etc.

    Otherwise, this could become a pattern. It's good that you had the self awareness to identify it early.

    Good luck OP.
    May 61
    • New / EngJexD77
      Try out rock climbing, super fun and engaging. Got me of the hook in the similar situation.
      May 6
  • Apple able-park
    Wasted life...
    May 60
  • New / EngJesusC
    How do you go 24 hours without taking a shower 🤭
    May 60
  • Facebook ⭕w⭕
    Also me, but at least I took a bath, that's kinda gross 🤮.
    May 60
  • Apple py1
    Not exactly “wrong” but not ideal either. This could easily become a habit and we don’t want that. Please make it a point to step outdoors.
    May 60
  • AIG / Product


    Deloitte Digital
    Counseling CxOs for AI-first strategy !
    May 60
  • Oracle bubble+
    Get some ☀️, step outside. Join some meetup grp.
    May 60

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