Splunk Vancuover Salary SDE 2

New jkj
Mar 27 3 Comments

Recruiter pinged me from Splunk regarding an opening in Splunk at Vancuover office. Im 4 yoe SDE2 right now and im curious if anybody knows the salary range for Canadian offices..the role is for ML team.

Im on H1b here in US so that is quiet tempting but want to be prepared for how low the salary can be up north.

Current TC: 200k (not including stoc options -> lost hope on it)..


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  • Amazon hodge
    Isn't that the soda from GTA 4?
    Mar 27 0
  • New gogogog
    What level for Splunk? Did the recruiter say?
    Mar 27 0
  • Valve / Eng

    Valve Eng

    No data for you but I hear Vancouver is stupid expensive plus the higher taxes. So consider the cost of living on top of the TC.
    Mar 27 0