Spotify interview process

WordStream / Design uvaM26
Jul 22 5 Comments

Hey all, I have a phone screen tomorrow with a recruiter at Spotify for a product design position. What sorts of things should I expect to cover with him and do y'all have any other advice for the rest of the process?


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  • New / Design EtEe87
    Any update after the portfolio review? Tips?
    Sep 23 1
    • WordStream / Design uvaM26
      my portfolio was structured pretty similarly to other examples you can find online, in a Google slides format. don't know if I have any specific tips, didn't get an offer after onsite lol
      Sep 25
  • Spotify kEaf75
    How did it go?
    Jul 23 1
    • WordStream / Design uvaM26
      pretty easy, he wanted to set up a portfolio review with a senior designer at the end of our call lol

      I have an on-site in the NYC office this Friday, do you have any advice? my recruiter isn't answering my questions lol
      Aug 7
  • Salesforce / Design uCxD83
    Curious to know how it went?
    Aug 22 0


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