Stephen Moore, Trump's pick for the Fed, just got a key immigration program dead wrong

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Apr 23 10 Comments

The truth is that the H-1B program is a cynical sham. It’s been co-opted by outsourcing firms that use the visas to import workers, mostly from India, to replace Americans in middle-level information technology jobs. Those firms corral about half of all H-1B visas every year. The workers they bring in often live here barracks-style and are at the beck and call of supervisors who can revoke their residency at will. The workers are valued by the outsourcing firms’ clients because they’re cheap.
Big American employers whine that U.S. universities simply can’t turn out enough graduates in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and math) to fill their needs. But that’s almost certainly a lie — big tech companies have laid off trained engineers by the carload, replacing them with foreign workers they can hire for less.

Moreover, as Hira observes, there are huge loopholes for the outsourcing firms. They’re exempt from the good-faith recruiting rule if the H-1B workers are to be paid more than $60,000 or they hold a master’s degree — from any university in the world. “All of these firms exempt themselves from the requirement by meeting one of the two conditions,” Hira told me by email. The truth is that most of the outsourcing firms’ workers don’t hold more than a bachelor’s degree, much less an advanced degree.


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  • Uber Fritter
    Americans love all the goods, services they get for cheap. Cheap gardeners, nannies, cheap engineers to do menial software work, cheap phones made in China. But they also love to hate the process that makes it cheap for them - immigrants and foreign workers.
    Apr 23 3
    • Facebook bl@ckmamba
      Far-right irony !
      Apr 23
    • Snapchat AlexHeath
      Apr 23
    • GE / Design

      GE Design

      Upcoming full-time UX Professional
      “Just lower taxes” “remove individual mandates” and they voted trump, and look where we are.
      May 8
  • Google mcml
    > Those firms corral about half of all H-1B visas every year. The workers they bring in often live here barracks-style and are at the beck and call of supervisors who can revoke their residency at will

    lol where did you get that from?

    Also be careful what you wish for, if the h1 goes away, companies will just move these jobs offshore (already happening to a certain extent in Canada / Europe). US engineers won’t simply start making even more dosh and US will lose out in taxes on highly paid jobs.

    Go take your anti immigrant bs to the southern border and don’t mess with things that can end up actually hurting you.
    Apr 23 2
    • Google wFatDuck2
      Seriously I had an rfe at previous job and was extremely frustrated, my then manager told me not to worry I could work from my choice of office (was considering Ireland or Netherlands ) if the rfe didn't get resolved. Luckily it did, but that's what will happen (move to Canada/Europe). Loss of tax revenue for the USA.
      Apr 23
    • MathWorks / Data fXss35
      Giving RFEs to someone who makes $150k+ is one of the stupidest things ever. You think if Google could hire the same talent for $100k locally, they wouldn't?
      Apr 23
  • Snapchat AlexHeath
    You could argue both ways. Satya, Sundar, Shantanu and many more CEOs are a product of H1b system as well. If not for H1b or the outsourcing companies, most of your day to day tech used by financial and entertainment firms would be very expensive. It’s not like there are 100s of thousands of jobless Americans in tech. And why pick on Stephen Moore. He’s not gonna head the USCIS.
    Apr 23 1
    • Amazon 🦀 🍎
      Yeah they aren't the problem. The problem is the low cost consulting firms and not the engineers coming to work at Microsoft or Google
      Apr 23
  • Facebook bl@ckmamba
    The low costs of engineers get transferred to the consumers.
    If there was no H1B any service you use which has a website/ it support would become more expensive.
    Apr 23 0


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