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Apr 28, 2018 2 Comments

Job Title: Analytics Manager
Experience : 6 years

Joining pre ipo company- Appdynamics competiter. In terms of stocks, I'm not sure how many stocks/shares/units I can ask for?


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    If I were you I’ll ask a lot of stock options. But if they only give RSU, I’ll ask for 1m vesting in four years to compensate for the relatively low base
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    Look at their recent most funding to know what they were valued at. When they offer you, ask them for total outstanding shares in the company and strike price (price you pay to buy the shares when you leave the company). If they don’t disclose this it’s a red flag as there is no way you can value your options.
    Once you have the above numbers - company valuation / total outstanding shares is the value per share at the time of funding.
    Value per share - strike price is your upside per share.
    # of shares you were offered / total outstanding shares is the % of company you own. The norm is like 0.01 to 0.1% for low to mid experience and mid to late startup. But your goal should be to get as much as possible or have a $ value in mind and back calculate based on the value per share
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