Strategic Partner Manager, YouTube

Google bru
May 19 4 Comments

anyone have any insight into the role? good wlb? good pay? etc?


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  • Google come2daddy
    This is business side role with ability to read reports. The role is great if you have media background as it involves talking to people from media and helping them build revenue using Youtube as a platform. On a day to day basis, You will be responsible for guiding them to upload good content and justify rise/fall in revenues. Basically media analyst kind of role - analyze reports both at macro level (which group is watching what, country level usage pattern) and micro level ( why is a video not showing ad)

    WLB is super awesome. The YT parties are stuff of legend and the whole team is super bubbly compared to teams in Engg and support. You will be working with artists and top creators on YouTube which itself is quite fun.
    May 20 1
    • Google bru
      thank you for this! first helpful answer i’ve gotten so far. really appreciate it. do you have any insight into the gaming side of SPMs? how is that vertical doing in terms of growth?
      May 20
  • Amazon McKnziBzos
    What does this role do?
    May 19 0
  • Nvidia dynosight
    You're going to love the "diversity" retraining!
    May 19 0


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